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You have all been so helpful, thanks very much. Ha, I don't know which source I come from, probably just a well-worn and well-used source who has done good things and bad, done things right and made mistakes.

How unpleasant your ex sounds. Being with someone who is openly sleeping with other people can only destroy your own self esteem. You sound like a very resilient and kind person. Well done for getting back on the horse, in spite of the tricky experiences so far since you started dating again.

Personally I think life is too short to be cautious about meeting people. There are so many other things we have to be cautious about homes, jobs etc that it's nice to have something to just throw caution to the wind with.

As a man, I find closed women very unattractive so don't worry about putting across the wrong message if you're letting yourself be spontaneous, full on even. It's much better, IMO, to get to the root quickly as the sooner you do, the sooner you know whether there are grounds to go forward.

Better that than tiptoing around for five years! Just never loose sight of your own worth as an individual and don't get involved with men who will play with your self esteem. If ultimately it is a serious monogamous relationship you want, make sure that if you find the man you want to do that with, you both know where you stand and what you want. Put simply, IMO, relationships only work if both people are in the same place emotionally speaking at the same time, and share the same values.

If this is not the case, no point in trying to squeeze a pint into a quart pot, hoping the man with change his attitude. If you have had a run of meeting a particular type of man who you met in a particular way, mix it up and do something different. Join a class, a club, a charity, a gallery, anywhere where you might meet someone of simialr interests - always the best place to start!!

Yes, I have been thinking about joining classes and such, but is not a whole lot going on here. Can't do day time, as although I am not working at the mo, I am looking for jobs, so won't be free. It's difficult, is why I tend to meet most of my dates online. It's not too bad have met quite a few nice guys as well as idiots. Nice, lol! I have no idea what I am looking for, just someone who gives me a bit of consideration would be cool by me.

I suppose I am my own worst enemy really lol! Thanks for the advice, it really is great that people are so nice!! Online dating is a great way to meet people. The web is just today's version of bars and pubs for previous generations. As for being your own worst enemy, I suspect you mean by that that your own feelings about yourself lead you into the hands of men who don't show consideration towards you i. This goes back to what I said earlier - never lose sight of your own worth and no one has any right to treat you badly.

Although it is sometimes hard to remind oneself, we are all times better off single than with someone who is not treating us well. For me, it always comes down to a simple question: On balance, is my life better or worse with this person in my world?

If they bring you something extra and your life is better, they are a keeeper. If it is the opposite, best to stick with what you have without them! OK, here is the most important rule about dating anyone will ever tell you.

MOnogamy is not obligatory, it is only available on request. NO ONE is entitled to expect a monogamous relationship after a set number of dates, or a set level of sexual intimacy. If you want a monogamous relationship, you have to say so. ANd until someone has said to you that they want an exclusive relationship with you, then you can date, see and shag who you like without consulting them.

I think Madamez is spot on, goes back to what I said earlier that commitment is a verbal agreement rather than an implicit or physical one. As with everything in a relationship, it all comes down to boundaries. Where yours lie, where your partner's lie and what you both agree on and agree to disagree on. Crikey, I really am a dunce when it comes to dating!! Obviously haven't done enough of it better get some practice in then! first you were a slut, then a plonker, then a dunce.

Greeneyedgirl, you come across as none of these!!! Whenever that critical voice inside you pipes up, just tell it to shut up!! No one is perfect, we are all just mixed-up messes of good and bad stuff or, to quote the old psychobabble, fallible human beings. Register today and join the discussion Have your say, get notified on what matters to you and see fewer ads Register now.

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Active I'm on I'm watching I started Last day Last hour. Watch thread Flip. Would it be two-timing? OP's posts: See next See all. Never mind the fact that more than one-third of all people who use online dating sites have never actually gone on a date with someone they met online , those that somehow do manage to find someone else they are willing to marry and who is willing to marry them a vanishingly tiny subset of online daters face an uphill battle.

And it gets worse. Couples who met online are nearly 3 times as likely to get divorced as couples that met face-to-face. According to the Association for Psychological Science, reviewing multiple candidates causes people to be more judgmental and inclined to dismiss a not-quite-perfect candidate than they otherwise would be in a face-to-face meeting. Ryan Anderson, Ph. But who we end up becoming and how much we like that person are more in our control than we tend to think they are.

Ryan Anderson Ph. The Mating Game. The Ugly Truth About Online Dating Are we sacrificing love for convenience? Posted September 6, Reviewed by Lybi Ma Share.

Research says one-third of all people who use online dating sites have never actually gone on a date with someone they met online. A study showed that reviewing multiple dating candidates online causes people to be more judgmental about them.

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Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. Ok so I have been "seeing" a guy I suppose. Been on 3 dates in quick succession and we have been pretty intimate, but have not had sex, not going to yet either. We seem to get on fine and he is nice, but there have been no declarations or relationship discussions. But have been talking to a guy online met both on a dating site who really wants to meet me and he also seems really nice.

I would like to just meet up for a drink just to see how we get on, but feeling a bit weird, do you think I would be "cheating"? I don't feel like I am going out with the guy I am seeing, he is nice, but it all seems to be quite sexual, which although is enjoyable, I am really not sure about and want to pull back a little. So what do you think I should do? All opinions welcome! Sounds good to me. But have a mega guilty conscience, just don't want to make a mess.

I suppose I shouldn't have been so erm quick to "do stuff" with this guy, but can't take it back now. Please convince me I am not a slut! Ok, this is a man speaking of course you are not a slut. To be fair, he may well also although not necessarily! be window shopping too, as monkeytrousers calls it. Of course the age old question is when is the line drawn and when does it become two-timing. Personally I think that is a verbal rather than physical thing. If you talk to a new partner and you both express a mutual wish to try being together then yes, of course, it would be two timing.

While there is not that understood commitment, it is not two timing. So as you are window shopping, try before you buy! And if things continue as they are, you may even buy one and get one free!! Ok, that was an easy joke so, seriously, you are not being a slut, you are just responding to the connections which you are having.

if the boundaries are set with one or other, it will be time to make a decision and stick to it And by the way, just meeting up with someone you share a nice connection with is not two-timing.

There may be no sexual chemistry at all but he may be good friend material. I always say never pass up a good opportunity to make a nice connection. Just, as I said earlier, know where the boundaries lie and stick to them. Oh, and it is not a bad thing per se that the connection with the first guy seems sexual. That can be a very good thing. But as with all things relationship related, balance is required so look out for other connections with him too as sex alone cannot maintain a relationship in the mid and long term.

Good luck. i hate to say this greeneyedgirl, and i cant believe im going to, but i am - just suck it and see! If you dont feel you want a relationship with the first guy then have a drink with the other guy. If you think it may develop then i would be inclined not to go. But then you could be missing out on the love of your life LEM, that is what I am afraid of, what if I miss out on who i am supposed to be with.

I don't know if this guy is going to develop into a relationship and I do regret doing the stuff I have, he may well have got the wrong impression totally. Think I need to slow it all down no matter what happens. Thanks PAL for a man's view, I am not used to being so "forward" as my hubby was my first, now I seem to have no restraint.

What a plonker I am! Just re-read your reply postingatlast and it really makes alot of sense. Thanks for being so helpful, I feel a bit better now. Not two timing at all. You've been on a few dates but not had any sort of relationship or committment discussions.

He may well be seeing other people too for the moment. Don't let the fact you've been quite intimate with him cloud things. Thanks Baffy, I just have such a guilty conscience I am always beating myself up over things. The intimacy was enjoyable, but I am still not sure whether I would even like to be in a relationship with the current guy yet, we don't know each other well enough. I guess going on a "date" isn't really going to make much difference, we will be on neutral ground in a pub partway between where we both live so there will be no chance of intimacy with him at all, which is how I want it.

Thanks all. Sounds like a good plan. Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with and if you keep the dates in public places for the moment it will give you a bit of time to get to know them properly, and then you can decide if there's anyone you'd like to take things further with. Sounds good. Enjoy it. You've been on a couple of dates. You are not in a relationship, are you? I mean, unless you have had The Talk, you are a free agent. Have fun. I would say that you should be honest and mention that you are dating someone else too.

Just so all parties are clear. No, we have not had The Talk at all, far too early for all that. But I am slightly nervous that he may just have assumed that because of what has happened between us that we are automatically dating. I am not sure about telling him I am going out to meet someone else as I had an experience in the past where I was totally honest about going on a date the guy I was "seeing" had made it clear we weren't in a relationship.

Anyway he totally freaked and blanked me after that, so I am really loathe to lay myself open to that again. You don't have to tell either of them anything for the moment. You're a free agent and you're going on a few dates. Nothing to do with either of them what you do when you're not with them. Only once you're in a proper relationship would you have to say you were going out on a date with someone else. And you wouldn't be going on a date if you had decided to be in a relationship anyway!

yes you are a total plonker! For calling yourself a plonker and a slut!!! Stop being so hard on yourself. It's hard enough getting back out there after a long term relationship, it's going to be even harder for you if you beat yourself up like this. It is totally normal unless you are of an extremely traditional and moralistic ilk to have periods in one's life to play around.

The fact that you had not done it prior to your hubby seems all the more reason, in my eyes, to chill out and enjoy the fun. Meeting lots of different people can be stimulating, fun, depressing, bewildering - sometimes all those things at the same time. But above all, it helps us to learn where our boundaries lie, and even surprise ourselves with what we are capable of and enjoy. Above all, the more you see, the more chance you have of ending up with someone great.

It's an old cliché but you cannot know a fine wine just by drinking one bottle. Men, like all things, are an acquired and personal taste and only "shopping around" will help you find what you like and don't like. As long as you remain respectful, courteous and maintain your integrity, there is nothing you can criticise yourself for. Only start to feel bad if you really do mess a bunch of men around - although I am sure there will be many on this board who say we deserve it!

Bottom line is go discover yourself and if part of that discovery lies in seeing a few men, so be it. As for the slowing it down, what's the worst that can happen? It all goes tits up?? And then what?? You'll still wake up with two arms and two legs, the sun will still rise and set.

The worst case is not that bad. Even getting hurt can still be used as a positive thing - all these experiences are stops on a road to you finding yourself and where you want to be. Hope that helps. All the best! sorry, started writing my last post before the intervening posts were written then had to stop and come back to it so it may seem like it doesn't follow the thread!!

I was going back to greeneyedgirl calling herself a plonker last night. Thanks PAL, how come you sound so sensible and non-judgmental? Which source of men do you come from, cos I'd like to find one who has your attitude!

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AdKorean Dating And Singles Site. Browse Photo Profiles. Join Now! Find Your Perfect Match. s of Members! Join Now  · Don’t overly invest in someone (time, emotions) without spending time with them first. Loneliness and depression can create a false sense of connection or existence of a relationship. Dating apps are not ordering apps. Relationships take time to evolve, grow. Expecting a final product is unrealistic and unhealthy Answer (1 of 4): It all depends. How long have you been together? Do you love this person? What caused him to cheat and so many other factors. The one thing you must remember is that you can only control your actions not those of others. Things  · Sites like have created thriving communities around the idea that people of all orientations and gender identities deserve to find love. These niche sites can offer a welcoming world of romance for singles willing to take the plunge and create a free dating profile. 6. Free Dating Sites AdLooking to Start Serious Online Adult Dating? Check out Top5's Best Websites to Find Love! Discover the Best Sites for Adult Dating in , Reviewed, Ranked, and More at Top5!Serious Dating · Comparison · Quick & Easy · ReviewsDestinations: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and other cities  · I am 20 years old and dating two girls. I know I am two-timing them but now don't know how to confess. I am in love with one of them. I know I am two-timing them but now don't know how to confess ... read more

Do Men Actually Read Dating Profiles? Stop being so hard on yourself. midThreadVideoParams; window. Sure, dating apps had a stigma around use years ago but not anymore. If ultimately it is a serious monogamous relationship you want, make sure that if you find the man you want to do that with, you both know where you stand and what you want. According to the Pew Research Center , the overwhelming majority of Americans suggest that online dating is a good way to meet people.

Absolutely not. yet he was free to sleep with who he chose. appendChild script ; } } }" x-on:cmp-response-received. Their interest might not align with the romantic interest you assumed. If you are new to online dating, this is something two timing online dating have likely pondered. Harsh Reality Of Online Dating: Myths, Misconceptions, Frustration Aug 24, CommunicationDating AppsDating As A Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dating Apps.